#2 – S/S 2016

#2 – S/S 2016


Pushpam's second issue focuses on the philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita, the inspirational yoga text dating to 350 AD that sees the great warrior Arjuna struggle with the question of his place and his duty in the world. Featuring essays written by yoga scholars, teachers and practitioners like Mikel Burley, Richard Freeman, Sharmila Desai and Hamish Hendry, Pushpam offers positive and practical guidance to help navigate this battlefield of life. Hamish has also designed his very own "Origanesa", paying homage to the Bhagavad Gita's scribe, Ganesa, with the art of Japanese paper folding. 

For bulk orders, please email Hamish. Prices for bulk orders are as follows:

10 – 24     £6.50 per copy plus cost of shipping
24 – 49     £6.00 per copy plus cost of shipping
50+           £5.50 per copy plus cost of shipping

Size 167mm x 232mm x 5mm
58 Pages
1500 copies
Screenprinted Japanese wool/paper hybrid cover
Origami sheets
Sanskrit alphabet insert

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