#3.5 – S/S 2018

#3.5 – S/S 2018


Pushpam issue 3.5 is a limited edition Pushpam special. Written by Astanga Yoga London’s Louise Newton, it is the insightful and often humorous story of her trip to Varanasi which she made with the mission of ‘finding God’, accompanied by some beautiful photos.

‘Pushpam 3.5 is something we’ve never tried before and we hope you like it. Louise has been my student for 18 years now, having started with me in 2000. I can honestly say there is no one more regular and dedicated than Louise. Over the years, she started assisting and in 2013 became a teacher at Astanga Yoga London. She is one of AYL’s best kept secrets. In November 2017, Louise, her husband Ben and their two children had the opportunity to go to Varanasi in India. Every day Louise would email her friends at AYL stories of her day, whether that was visiting cremation sites or buying scarves.

We all felt incredibly moved by Louise’s emails and with her blessing have published them in this little booklet. We have largely kept the emails as we received them – casual, friendly and raw (very London!).

India has a profound effect on many people who travel there and nowhere more so than Varanasi.

Did Louise find God? Read on…’

Hamish Hendry, March 2018

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Size 167mm x 232mm x 5mm
64 Pages
1000 copies

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